How to delegate coins?

In order to delegate your stake, you need to know the public key of the masternode to which you want to delegate. In the test network, the masternodes and their public keys can be viewed in a convenient way through one of the services:

After choosing the masternode, you must use either the DELEGATION section in the console or in @BipWallet_Bot select Settings —> Delegation.

For the console

You must fill in the parameters

Public key — the public key of the masternode

Stake — the amount of coins you want to delegate

Coin — a coin you want to delegate

Coin to pay fee — a coin in which you want to pay a commission for a transaction

Message — can be left blank if you do not want to add any message to the transaction

After clicking Delegate, a transaction will be executed, then you will start receiving rewards to the address from which you delegated.

For @BipWallet_Bot

You must go to Settings and select the Delegation tab and then enter the public key of the masternode to which you want to delegate your coins and also specify the amount.
If you want to delegate a specific coin, specify its symbol after the amount. For example: Mpb7...7900 1 APPLE

More information about the delegation mechanism can be found in the documentation


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