I am interested in creating my coin on your platform. How much will it cost and what parameters and advantages are there with such a coin compared to others?

One of the main features of Minter is that it is based on the concept of providing absolute and instant liquidity for any coin issued in the Minter network, which means that any coin can be purchased, sold, or converted into another in a few seconds without third-party services, volume restrictions, and the need to find parties to the transaction. This approach is realized by using the coin-issuing model provided by the reserve in BIP, the base coin of the network. Right after its creation, the coin will have real value, and its fair market value will be determined on the basis of market balance built upon the formulas that were proposed by leading economists.

In addition, transaction commissions are fairly low (much less than 1 U.S. cent), there will be the possibility of exchanging coins for other cryptocurrencies or fiat funds, and users will be able to use convenient and friendly services. Moreover, thanks to the API and a set of development tools, any developer will have the opportunity to easily integrate Minter into their systems/applications. Since Minter functions on the Tendermint engine, it will become part of the Cosmos Network.

The cost of issuance is determined solely by the commission when creating the coin (the shorter the ticker, the higher the fee):

3 letters – 1 000 000 BIP
4 letters – 100 000 BIP
5 letters – 10 000 BIP
6 letters – 1000 BIP
7-10 letters – 100 BIP

For more detail, see the relevant section of the documentation and this separate document


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