Perpetual Coin Offering

How will you achieve fairness and transparency?

The soft cap is the only form of the public commitment by the project’s founder given to its participants. To put it in plain English: Let’s raise capital together, and I will then sell the part of my coins, [number] of which I now have, and will then work on the project development to increase the market cap.

If the soft cap is not reached, all investments will automatically return to investors, including the founder, in full. The reserve balance will be reset to zero. PCO offers a fair—as fair as it can only be at the current level of smart contracts development—form of raising capital from any type of investors at any stage with no limits and with the option to enter and exit with no additional obligations.

At the time, we cannot fully estimate the potential of the perpetual supply, but compared to what can now be considered the fairest model among all mass models—DAICO—we went even further. Our participants vote with money—if they do not like something, they withdraw capital. This is the clearest signal that can be sent to founders.

Perpetual Coin Offering

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