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Is it safe to purchase BIPs through a pool? Where can I find the list of pools?

The pool can be organized only by the team that has fulfilled the following conditions: A) Has a fairly stable masternode operating for a long time, B) Is in constant contact with Minter, including helping to develop the project, reporting bugs, B) Has passed the KYC verification procedure, signed a special agreement of a pool manager.

All this does not guarantee obtaining the official status of a pool. The final decision is made by the Minter team.

When working with the pool, the user gets various additional advantages, which are described on the sites of validators. But it is worth remembering two things:
— The KYC and transfers occur on the Minter’s website
— If the organizer of the pool does not send the coins (it is super easy to check it on the blockchain) to the user after the end of the campaign within 14 days, then Minter will perform the transfer at its own expense.

That is why we are interested in giving the status of a pool only to the most trusted validators who value their reputation and work to lay the foundation for long-term relations with the delegators. The list of authorized pools is available at https://minternetwork.com/pools.

Early Access

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